Drawing of BedBugs


Adult bed bugs are reddish brown, about 5 mm long and oval in shape. A home owner can best identify an infestation by looking for insects in the cracks and crevices of the mattress, the protective corner on the box spring and any other small dark crevice close to the insects food source. Other signs would be unexplained blood stains, fecal material and skin castings of molted insects.

Treatment Program

No other pest causes customers such a high level of stress and anxiety the way bed bugs do. For the pest control professional this pest is the most challenging and frustrating pest to control. While developing the following control program consideration has been given to this insects elusiveness and biological habits. Consideration has also been given to how bed bugs truly take over a customers life in so many different ways. I feel that this program gives a customer the best value for their money.

Even with all of these things considered the success of this program is dependent on how well the customer does their part!

This treatment program utilizes K-9 detection, residual insecticide, follow up K-9 inspection and a follow up treatments when required.

Initial Inspection and Treatment

The first part of this program requires the home to be fully prepared before our arrival. A visual and K-9 inspection is preformed to determine areas of greatest concern. Areas that have been identified by the K-9 unit are inspected and given special consideration. All other areas of the home will be treated with the residual insecticide listed on the Safety page of this website.

Follow up Inspection and Treatment

After a time lapse of four - five weeks a follow up K-9 inspection and treatment are scheduled. The intensity of the follow up treatment is determined by what the K-9 unit finds, the level of initial infestation and how well the home is prepared.

Note: The follow up inspection and treatment are preformed on the same day.

Drilling and dusting of the baseboard area with boric acid maybe required with heavy infestations.

What the customer needs to do.

For this program to work the customer must refrain from using pesticides

Maintain your regular sleep patterns. Changing the room you sleep in will spread your problem and make control unlikely. The use of bed bug mattress covers on the box spring and mattress is necessary.

Clothing needs to be washed and dried on high heat. Clothing should be stored in sealed plastic bag. Clothing that is not in regular use should be placed in sealed plastic bags and stored away from the area of infestation.

Throw out the clutter and belongings that are no longer used. This is one of the most important things a customer can do. If it can’t be treated with pesticide, heated or frozen, strong consideration should be given to throwing it out.

Articles that can be safely heated to a temperature of 77 Degrees Celsius is recommended. For articles that cannot be heated freezing may be an option. Monitoring the temperature during freezing is important to insure a complete kill and may takes days. The use of a MIN/MAX thermometer is worth the cost for this type of treatment. The colder the better!

Customers can vacuum areas of concern and store the vacuum in a way that doesn’t spread or cause re-infestation.

Avoid re-infestation! Most customers have an idea of how their problem started and should want to take realistic steps at preventing re-infestation.

How to prepare

Bedding needs to be removed from all beds.

All articles need to be removed from the drawers of bed room furniture. As well as from the top surface.

Closets need to be empty.

Bathroom cabinets should be empty.

TV and Computer/Game Rooms should have items removed from furniture as is done for bedroom furniture.

Due to the extensive nature of the treatment, customers will be returning home to a house that has been “turned up side down” and need to be prepared to deal with this.


This program comes with a six month warranty. This time frame allows for multiple K-9 inspections and residual treatments as required.

This program is not available in it’s entirety to multi dwelling buildings.

Note: For customers wanting a pre-inspection before treatment please review the K-9 detection page on this website