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Cluster Flies
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Cluster Flies

Cluster flies start to pile up on homes in late summer on sunny walls that give the flies a break from the wind. As fall progresses, more and more flies are found clustering inside in windows and attics. In some homes flies will emerge on warm sunny days in winter and spring.
A yearly treatment is required to prevent this pest from entering homes. Preventative cluster fly treatments start in early September and can be done right up until the start of winter. The preventative control includes an outside treatment of key areas, an attic and interior windows treatment. After winter has arrived, only interior windows and attics are treated.
Note: Customers that are not comfortable with the use of pesticides in the home have had great success with well timed exterior treatment. These are usually performed at the very start of the season, with some homes requiring a second treatment in the later part of the fall.
Customer prep

Customers are asked to remove breakables from widows sills.
Everyone is out of the home for 4 hours after the treatment is completed, this includes pets. I recommend that children under the age of two, women that are expecting or people with severe medical conditions stay out for 24 hours.
What to Expect
The effectiveness of this treatment depends on each individual home. Usually there is a 90% drop in the number of flies that make it into the home. Some customers with a low level infestation will often see no flies. In a home where there are typically hundreds of flies in their windows on a daily bases, fly numbers drop significantly and come to a stop as the season progresses. In rare cases where the infestation level is high a second interior treatment may be needed in late winter/early spring.
The warranty for cluster flies is quite simple, the customer needs to be happy with level of control that is achieved.
Pricing depends on the treatment that is be performed and the size of the home with prices ranging from $150 - $400.